Pad Thai Evening

Saturday July 4th.

Beau and Marc from Thai Tum will demonstrate the skill of Pad Thai cookery using a giant Pad Thai pan. There will be a short talk about the history of Thai food and the two dishes we are presenting that night. Guests who are interested can take a recipe card with them to try Pad Thai at home. The food will be served, Thai style al fresco from our gazebo in the garden and of course can be washed down with a cold beer!

Tickets are 18.00 Leva per person and can be purchased direct from Thai Tum or from the campsite.

Full information about the evening is available here

Marc And Beau
pad thai
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  1. Helen

    We had Thai Tum cook for us and some friends. Delicious food and a wonderful evening. We have since ordered a selection of their dishes all of which were fantastic.

  2. Charles Janice

    Hi Both Janice is due back from UK the evening before or that day so we will be coming so will drop in and collect 2 tickets please