It’s Grandmother March Day in Bulgaria !

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Happy Grandmother March Day !

March 1st is the Baba Marta holiday. For the next few days, everyone we meet in Bulgaria will be giving and receiving red and white trinkets, called Martenitsi. They are often in the form of bracelets or a pair of dolls, which you attach to your clothes.

Martenitsi are worn until you see a stork or a tree in blossom – either of these mark the arrival of spring. Baba Marta is a mythical figure who brings the end of winter and the start of spring. She is a formidable woman who must be kept happy. This is done by observing the traditions of the day.

The trees in the campsite are covered with these Martenitsi. They give good luck to the tree on which they are placed… ensuring a full and happy plum harvest for us again this season !