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Ecological Activities

We are conscious of today’s issue with ecology and sustaining the natural environment. Where possible we have invested in our local environment and set standards for rural tourism that have been recognised by international organisations. We have implemented several ecological activities into the campsite to conserve energy, reduce emissions and encourage local wildlife.

Solar Heating

The guest facilities building has been designed and constructed for low energy usage. The whole building is insulated to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. The hot water system for the showers and sinks is primarily powered by five high-efficiency solar panels. As our campsite is south-facing it is an ideal location to use solar heating.

The solar panels are provided by Helional and were installed as part of a complete system by Kaldo, who have an office in Veliko Tarnovo. The system has proved to be reliable and efficient, providing solar heated hot water for guests. Kaldo provide high quality products and systems with very professional, efficient and friendly technical support. The system Kaldo designed and installed has helped to ensure the consumption of electricity is minimised whist maintaining a constant supply of hot water for guests.

The guest facilities building has also been equipped with PIR motion sensors for the inside and outside lights, which are fitted with low consumption LED light bulbs to minimize electricity consumption.

Solar Panels
Ecology Reed Bed

Reed Bed

As part of the ecological activities the reed bed is used to treat all of the waste water from the campsite using a natural biological process. As far as we are aware this is the first commercial scale reed bed system to be built and operated successfully in Bulgaria.

The reed bed is also great for encouraging local wildlife such as insects and birds.

The hollow root system of the plant contains bacteria which process the waste water on the campsite. The highly nutritious waste from the bacteria is consumed by the reeds resulting in a highly co-operative ecological relationship.

The treatment of camper van and caravan grey waste water this way is ecologically friendly.

Nature Pond

The nature pond forms an integral part of the waste water management system and the clean water is discharged from the reed bed into the nature pond. This provides a constant supply of fresh water to the pond that encourages the growth of insects, frogs and other natural wildlife.

Our aim is to make this area of the campsite into a nature area so that guests can relax and enjoy the view of Televets Valley in a tranquil and peaceful garden setting.

Nature Pond

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