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Arbanasi Village

Only 10km from the campsite is the gorgeous village of Arbanasi, set high on a plateau overlooking the hills of Veliko Tarnovo. There are plenty of traditional houses, churches and streets to explore.  This lovely village is full of renovated houses in traditional Bulgarian style. Traditionally it was the home of rich traders and merchants and it is believed there is still gold hidden in the Arbanasi hills. As you wander the streets you will find many cafe bars and restaurants to sit in the shade and watch the world pass by. There are some great views of Veliko Tarnovo to be found if you head to either end of the village.

Kostantsaliev’s House

This two storey 16th century merchant house is a reflection of the Ottoman days. There are simple rooms with large seating areas full of pillows. There are some really interesting things to see, such as the locking system on the trunks, door locking mechanisms, and the security systems. The large heavy doors incorporate a three ‘dead bolt’ system and squeaky, steep stairs to detect intruders. There are bars on the windows and an enclosed yard. Safety and protection was definitely a priority. The nursery is also interesting with its ceiling mounted swinging cradle. It’s an interesting place to visit.

Konstantiliev's House, Arbanassi
Church, Veliko Tarnovo

Nativity Church

The stone and wood exterior of this church is very humble, but once inside you will be amazed. This church is a UNESCO designated structure full of 17th century frescoes. Sometimes you may have the pleasure of hearing a small choir. Guides can be booked on entry and they will explain the beautiful murals and highlight their detail.

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