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Camping Veliko Tarnovo OOD

Company Number : 104639295

About Us

Nick and Nicky’s journey to building a new campsite in Bulgaria. From the first idea in 2005 to the current day.

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Ecological Principles

We are always trying to operate the business using sound ecological principles and practices as this is compliments people’s desire to go camping so that they can feel immersed in nautre.

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What our customers say…

Reviews from customers are as important to us as they are to other customers.  Read what has been written before and feel free to add your comments is you wish.

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What the media says …

Over the years since the campsite was built it has featured in many articles and television shows. You can read the articles and watch the TV shows to see what the media makes of two British people building a campsite in Bulgaria.

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Employment Opportunities

If you are looking for seasonal summer work at a busy, yet freindly, international business, then find out more about the jobs available for this season.

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Privacy Policy

The business operates in accorandance with national and international laws so your personal data is safe with us. From cookie consent to European GDPR  how we make your data is outined in our Privacy Policy.

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Driving Information

How to drive to us if you are traveling by vehicle.

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Public Transport Information

If you are travelling use public transport then this handy guide will help you plan your holiday.

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